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We give you what the other's can't...or won't.

Privacy. We don’t share or sell your personal information with anyone, EVER!  For the very limited consumer information that we are forced by laws and regulations to collect, this information is NEVER stored in a method that can be breached by cyber attack, or physical burglary.  Your privacy is very important to us.

Integrity. We give all customers our honest recommendations. Not all types of precious metals are for everyone. There are many different types of bullion. What type you buy depends on your investment strategy. We structure our prices specifically so we make the same amount of money on whatever we sell. That way, you know that we’re not pressuring you to buy something that you shouldn’t.  Before we bought Rocklin Coin Shop, we talked to another owner who dealt in precious metals and coins.  Their advice was simple.  “Take as much as they’ll give and give as little as you think they’ll take.”  Put simply, we do not believe in that business philosophy.  Every customer at Rocklin Coin Shop gets the same treatment…whether they buy 1 silver dime, or 1,000 ounces of gold.

Reputation. Our reputation speaks for itself. 9 out of 10 new customers come from referrals from another customer. We’ve never defaulted on purchases, and are “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Community. Being in Rocklin, we have to pay city business license taxes based on our sales numbers. When you buy from Rocklin, it automatically means that a portion of your purchase goes to the city, generating important revenue for the City of Rocklin.  All of the employees at Rocklin Coin Shop, including the owners, donate their time and/or money to local charitable organizations.  We are active members of the Rocklin area Chamber of Commerce, and conduct as much commerce as possible with local businesses.

Service.  We pride ourselves on an unmatched service model.  Our staff is the friendliest in the industry.  If you meet with us an don’t agree, let us know, and we’ll fix it immediately.

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Here's what our customers are saying about us...

“I love the friendly atmosphere at Rocklin Coin Shop. I feel like I am doing business with family.”     -Anthony, Northern California

“On a recent visit to this area, I stopped at your coin shop with two of my granddaughters to “just look” and let them see some pretty coins and take a look at ‘real’ money which was used about 50 years ago in this country.  Chad was there and I was most favorably impressed with his willingness to talk to the children and explain some facts about silver and gold (and bronze for that matter) and allowed them to see differences in coins and why some old coins are valuable and some not.  This generated some discussions when we returned home and more questions so we returned later to talk about the value of one of my granddaughters’ necklaces.  Sadly I do not remember who was working that day (it was not Chad), but the same attitude of treating the children with respect and taking the time to answer their questions was apparent (we were far afield with questions on jewelry, spot values, ‘junk’ value, rubies and other stones, etc.).  He even gave her a sample of a ‘valuable stone’.  As a result of that encounter, I made a small purchase of silver coins and verified that the price was reasonable and fair.  Since then I have made a few other purchases and always the children want to come with me if they know I’ll stop at your store.  I have dealt with many coin shops in various states, but yours appears to be the best for me as far as fair prices, honest policies, and care for customers goes.  I would not have any problem in reccommending your store to friends and relatives.  Thank you for your time and consideration.”     -David, Toledo OH

“I have been working with Rocklin Coin Shop for several years and they are unfailingly professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone with coin or precious metal needs.”     -Clayton, Rocklin CA

“Rocklin Coin Shop–Honest-trust worthy-friendly- helpful-great buy back policies-willing to go the extra mile to help you with those rare coins. I have been doing business with the Rocklin Coin Shop for over four years now. The friendly family atmosphere and wiliness to assist has been so helpful over the years. The buy/sale prices are some of the best offered I’ve found.  Thank you, R.C.S.”     -Karl, Northern California

“I had to write in and let you know how great your staff is, especially Chad. I started buying silver and gold a while ago. The first time I walked into your store I didn’t buy anything. What I got, I got for free and that was a little knowledge. I was not treated any different than anyone else in the store just because I wasn’t going to buy anything right then, that means a lot to me. I went home and thought about what I had learned. Since then I have been in many times buying gold and silver. Every time I look forward to learning something new or talk about things I have been reading and your staff’s thoughts on them. Thank you for keeping customer service alive and well.”     -J.T.,  Northern California

“Considering Precious metals Investing I Wanted to work with someone local Whom i could trust.  My first visit was excellent – Matthew spent about 1 hour with me to teach me all about the Rocklin coin shop services.  He was very patient and understanding of a novice first time investor looking for answers with lots of questions.  I know i can drop in anytime, ask questions, get opinions, and of course purchase precious metals.  Very friendly.”     -Bill, Rocklin, CA
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