Privacy. You pick up your metal on site. Even if we have to do a special order for you, your delivery comes here. Going through Rocklin Coin Shop, there is never a need to provide us with personal information that could endanger you or your family.  We couldn’t imagine anything worse than a cyber attack on one of the “big guys,” and all of a sudden, your name, location, and the amount of gold and silver you own is in the hands of the highest bidder.  Of course, it doesn’t require an outside attack.  All of us here at Rocklin Coin Shop have, in the past, worked with employers that are charged with protecting individuals’ precious privacy (banks, mutual fund companies, hospitals, and medical clinics).  Each one of us has seen action taken against someone within that organization who willingly compromised that information for that person’s own gain.  The benefit of Rocklin Coin Shop is that can never happen—and not just because we are a quaint little family business, but because we simply don’t have the information to be compromised.

Integrity. We give all customers our honest recommendations. Not all types of precious metals are for everyone. There are many different types of bullion. What type you buy depends on your investment strategy. We structure our prices specifically so we make the same amount of money on whatever we sell. That way, you know that we’re not pressuring you to buy something that you shouldn’t.  Before we bought Rocklin Coin Shop, we talked to another owner who dealt in precious metals and coins.  Their advice was simple.  “Take as much as they’ll give and give as little as you think they’ll take.”  Put simply, we do not believe in that business philosophy.  Every customer at Rocklin Coin Shop gets the same treatment…whether they buy 1 silver dime, or 1,000 ounces of gold.

Reputation. Our reputation speaks for itself. 9 out of 10 new customers come from referrals from another customer. We’ve never defaulted on purchases, are “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau and have had no customer complaints.

Community. Being in Rocklin, we have to pay city business license taxes based on our sales numbers. When you buy from Rocklin, it automatically means that a portion of your purchase goes to the city, generating important revenue for the City of Rocklin.  All of the employees at Rocklin Coin Shop, including the owners, donate their time and/or money to local charitable organizations.  We are active members of the Rocklin area Chamber of Commerce, and conduct as much commerce as possible with local businesses.

Service.  We pride ourselves on an unmatched service model.  Our staff is the friendliest in the industry.  If you meet with us an don’t agree, let us know, and we’ll fix it immediately.