Selling Your Collectibles and Numismatics

Do you have old coins?

Do you have any currency or coins that make you wonder what they are or what they are worth?  We are available to evaluate your coins at no cost to you.  We will determine if they have any precious metal content, such as silver or gold, and compare that to its collectability value.  The collectability value of a coin is also known as its numismatic value.  Although we are not licensed to provide appraisals for insurance purposes, we are happy to provide you with a quote for what we would pay for your collection.  We use up-to-date industry-standard publications to accurately evaluate your items.  Instead of wading through a maze of information, often inaccurate, on the Internet, let us help you.  There is never any pressure to sell, and we will spend as much time as you need with us to answer your questions.  One coin or a hundred coins, worth $1 or a $100, we will deal with you honestly and fairly.  No appointment necessary.  Still have questions?  Contact Us.