Are You Looking to Buy?


Looking to Invest?

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard, seen, and read ads from large distributors urging you to protect your wealth by purchasing gold and silver.


We couldn’t agree more.


At Rocklin Coin Shop we sell physical, investment-grade bullion for the consumer who understands that investing in paper, or certificates, or having another company hold your precious metals, defeats the very purpose of why you should invest in precious metals in the first place—safety.


Precious metals are a safety net—an insurance policy—against the ravages of inflation, or, in the worst case, an economic collapse, political unrest, or the dreaded zombie apocalypse (that last part was a joke).  The point is; if you’re not holding the metals, then how are they keeping you safe?


Why Should You Buy Gold & Silver?

The argument you’ll hear most often from investment professionals against purchasing gold and silver (particularly gold) is that precious metals don’t out-perform inflation over time.

But this is exactly what makes silver and gold so valuable!  In times like this, when the US Federal Reserve is poised to approve more quantitative easing, thus creating more US Dollars, thus lowering the value of each existing US Dollar, it is unlikely that the interest rates offered by banks will be sufficient to keep up with the ever-growing rate of inflation.

Gold and silver don’t go up and down, the dollar goes up and down, and the metal commodities typically reflect the strengthening or weakening of our currency.  In short, investing in precious metals is not about growing your assets, but about protecting your spending power.

For instance, lets say I have $5,000 in one account and $100,000 in another account.  In the account with $5,000, I would withdrawal the cash, light it on fire, flush it down the toilet, or give it away, and my life won’t be adversely affected.  That $5,000 is what we refer to as “risk capital.”  I can afford to lose it, so I can handle putting it in long term, high-risk investments.  This is not the money I put into silver and gold.

Conversely, the $100,000 is for my retirement.  What can that $100,000 do for me now? A nice down payment on a house. Buy a few cars. Feed a family for several years.

When I retire, I want to make sure that the $100,000 I worked so hard to earn can do the same thing that it could when I socked it away. That’s the money I should put into silver and gold. Precious metals are about wealth protection, not aggressive investment.

Why Buy From Rocklin Coin Shop?

Why should you buy from little old Rocklin Coin Shop instead of one of the “big guys?”  For the PIRCS…(cleverly pronounced “perks”—that’s right, we’re marketing geniuses).

Privacy. We don’t share or sell your personal information with anyone, EVER!  For the very limited consumer information that we are forced by laws and regulations to collect, this information is NEVER stored in a method that can be breached by cyber attack, or physical burglary.  Your privacy is very important to us.

Integrity. We give all customers our honest recommendations. Not all types of precious metals are for everyone. There are many different types of bullion. What type you buy depends on your investment strategy. We structure our prices specifically so we make the same amount of money on whatever we sell. That way, you know that we’re not pressuring you to buy something that you shouldn’t.  Before we bought Rocklin Coin Shop, we talked to another owner who dealt in precious metals and coins.  Their advice was simple.  “Take as much as they’ll give and give as little as you think they’ll take.”  Put simply, we do not believe in that business philosophy.  Every customer at Rocklin Coin Shop gets the same treatment…whether they buy 1 silver dime, or 1,000 ounces of gold.

Reputation. Our reputation speaks for itself. 9 out of 10 new customers come from referrals from another customer. We’ve never defaulted on purchases, and are “A” rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Community. Being in Rocklin, we have to pay city business license taxes based on our sales numbers. When you buy from Rocklin, it automatically means that a portion of your purchase goes to the city, generating important revenue for the City of Rocklin.  All of the employees at Rocklin Coin Shop, including the owners, donate their time and/or money to local charitable organizations.  We are active members of the Rocklin area Chamber of Commerce, and conduct as much commerce as possible with local businesses.

Service.  We pride ourselves on an unmatched service model.  Our staff is the friendliest in the industry.  If you meet with us an don’t agree, let us know, and we’ll fix it immediately.