Scrap Gold & Silver

scrap2Turn Junk Into Cash

Without Getting Ripped Off

Without a doubt, the world of scrapping silver and gold is the part of the business where we have the most competition.  It seems like every day, there’s a new business popping up out there willing to pay “the best prices” for your scrap gold and/or silver.  But, are they really paying the best prices?  Here are the Rocklin Coin Shop promises.

1) We don’t “test” your jewelry without your permission.  The reliable forms of jewelry testing (that is, verifying the gold content) damages the piece of jewelry.  There are other “scrappers” out there who just take your jewelry and start scratching it with a file or wearing it down on a rub stone for a purity test.  We weigh your jewelry, piece separate it to the best of our ability, and give you a quote, and get your permission BEFORE we do any damage to your property.

2) We don’t obligate you to sell.  Our job is to earn your business, not charge you for spending your time.  Sometimes, after speaking with us, customer’s can realize that it’s not the right time for them to sell their junk, or realize that they never considered it junk at all.

3) We guarantee the highest price, and we won’t be outdone.  If you find someone out there who claims that they will pay higher, bring us a written quote, and we’ll beat it!  So long as the material is good, and we won’t “lose” money, there is no one out there who will pay higher prices.

4) If we think that you can get a better price for a specific item, we’ll tell you.  Every so often we’ll come across a specific item that we believe will bring a higher price in a jewelry or antique market.  If we think that’s the case, we’ll tell you.  At Rocklin Coin Shop, we believe that our reputation in the community is more valuable than a few extra bucks.

5) CASH FIRST.  Our goal is to pay you cash for your scrap whenever possible.  You’ve already taken the time to come see us, we don’t want to give you another task by sending you to your bank to deposit a check.

Remember, if the item has any sentimental value to you, it will almost NEVER be worth selling for scrap.