About Us

Professional Business as well as Family Owned & Operated

Established in 2009, Rocklin Coin Shop has been a staple in the world of bullion and numismatics within the community. Founded by Matthew Vickers, with previous banking and financial experience, found himself to fit in quickly and was welcomed with warm arms by surrounding businesses. As of recently, the business has been passed down to his eldest son, Ethan Vickers, who’s primary goal is to proceed with his father’s legacy and keep the business running. Being born into the world of numismatics and bullion, he provides trusted and experienced service.

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Our Core Values

At Rocklin Coin Shop, our core values are the foundation of our identity and the guiding principles for our actions and decisions.

  • Passion for Numismatics: Our love for coin collecting drives everything we do. We’re committed to sharing this enthusiasm with others, fostering a community where this passion can thrive.
  • Integrity and Trust: Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our interactions. We believe in building trust with our customers through straightforward and ethical practices.
  • Expertise and Education: We pride ourselves on our expertise in numismatics and strive to be a resource for learning and discovery in the coin-collecting community.
  • Customer Focus: Every customer’s journey is important to us. We dedicate ourselves to providing personalized, knowledgeable service to ensure a fulfilling experience for each individual.

These values are more than just words; they are our commitment to you, ensuring every visit to Rocklin Coin Shop is memorable and enriching.

Our Team

Ethan Vickers


Ethan has always had a unique passion for taking after his parents, especially when it came to the family business. Being in the business for 15 years, starting from a very young age, Ethan has had a great opportunity to truly understand and take up interest in the numismatic and bullion industry. With a charming personality and charisma unlike any other, you can be sure that you’ll walk out with a smile. He puts his all into making sure the business is up-to-date and looking fresh, and now he takes on the responsibilities of store management!

Ariana Vickers

Lead Numismatist

A scholar even as a young child, with a dedication to learning, Ariana has a fascination with the history and value of old coins like no one else. Paired with a photographic memory, this makes Ariana the perfect choice in numismatics, and goes out of her way to give her attention and time to every evaluation to the fullest extent. She spends her time sharing her hobbies with her children and aspires to see them take after the family business with the very same passion!

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